One of the amazing things about transition is one I completely didn't expect. People have seen me be vulnerable and real, and it has helped them know they can reach out with their own real issues, and I'm only too happy to help. In today's society it's too easy to put up Instagram versions of lives and pretend everything's perfect. But we've had real things to work through, and no real way to do so while still hiding. Old friends we haven't seen for years have seen and felt this, and reached out to share their own challenges. So have tens of newly out trans people and their families.

Together, we've experienced adversity and kicked it's arse. But it doesn't stop.

Someone I care about has been diagnosed with cancer. Apparently minor, and treatment is at hand, but still it's the same C word that took away a childhood friend's mother only a couple of years ago. It hurts everyone, including me.

One of my children needs a brain MRI, and nobody except us seems to care enough to ensure that actually happens. The lack of care of most health professionals involved has been astounding, and it hurts me to think that there could be a real problem, and each day ticking by it may not be diagnosed.

My job has just been moved so I have a two hour commute each way, and I'm really, properly tired. It comes to an end at Christmas, which means I'll be job-hunting again. I probably already should be, if only I could focus on it.

But I'm ok. These are all but challenges with arses waiting to be kicked, and sharing them with others helps.

I saw my counsellor again a few weeks back and it helped. He even said he takes inspiration from me.

So - R U Ok? If not, find someone to share with. That might even be me, or someone actually qualified at this stuff. But make sure it's someone.