Half a decade or so ago when I started on the crazy ride away from the gender I was assigned at birth, I was desperate to hold my family together, or at the very least least have tried my damnedest and made sure they knew there were others in similar situations. That they weren't alone.

But there are very few families like ours, and even fewer who had written down their stories with anything resembling positive outcomes. We felt very very alone.

Today both Liz and I became part of the solution to this problem, with our stories launched alongside many others in print in a Rainbow Families guide for Trans and Gender Diverse Parents that we would have loved to have found ourselves all those years ago.

We hope that this resource helps anyone questioning their gender in a family situation, and anyone who's loved one is struggling with their own identity.

Thanks Liz not just for having the guts to stay with me, but for going the extra mile and being brave enough to talk about your experience for the benefit of others 💜🌈👭