The fun of caravanning is that you want a new van, and end up needing a new car to pull it!
Yesterday we said goodbye to Frosty the Snow Car and now have a near-new Outlander to replace him. She takes a bit more weight on the towball, and doesn't have nearly 200,000 kms on the clock or several bumps and broken bits either.

Mitsubishi do make a plug-in hybrid version of this, but have knobbled it with a reduced tow rating and only 5 seats, so as much as we would have preferred that, this is the AWD diesel instead. It does use less fuel than the old car though, despite finally giving up our beloved last manual gearbox 🥺

Can't wait until we can buy a full-electric car with a decent tow rating for less than $60k. Until then, welcome Roxy!