I finally realised I wasn't a baby cow, weaned and stopped drinking their milk two years ago.

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This is how we did it, new year's day two years ago.

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You will be bombarded with recipes, shopping guides, takeaway and junk food options, so it really makes trying out a less cruel way of eating and living simple.

'The number of male calves being killed straight after birth is on the rise again, despite efforts by the dairy industry to end the practice known as ‘the dirty secret’. '

'One dairy farmer, who asked to remain anonymous, explained to the Guardian that she could not find a market for her male calves. “This year we’re shooting the Jersey crosses, because we’ve not got the space or money to keep them. It doesn’t make me feel good.

“We get the knackerman out to do it. I could never do it. I can’t even feed them if I know they are going to be dead in a few days.” '

It didn't make me feel good either, once I realised unprofitable male calves being destroyed was an absolute requirement for my two litre jugs of milk for the kids, tasty cheeses, chips with milk solids in them, and absolutely everything that is made from dairy.

It's a very dirty little secret - even our local Country Valley dairy blogged about it a while back [1], saying they hadn't been able to find an alternative to selling their bobby cows after a few days separated from their mum 24 hours after birth, and that was years before they had to ask for sponsorship due to drought. No doubt they haven't suddenly decided to raise these souls as well for no profit. No update on whether the market for them still exists to have even a short life, or they too are now like the farmers in this article.

Life without dairy is achievable, the reality in most of the world, and yes provides enough calcium, with zero cholesterol as a bonus. And no soul needs to suffer for it.

[1] http://countryvalleymilk.blogspot.com/…/story-behind-bobby-…