Now I'm not known for leaning towards the Conservative side of politics. However I have somehow found myself on a mailing list for the Coalition For Conservation, who have a conservative yet forward-thinking following they run events for.

One such event was this that I watched last night where David Cameron shared his thoughts on how the UK Conservative party managed to break through the "just keep burning stuff" view that Australia's LNP still holds, to move the public debate beyond "only coal equals jobs". The UK is now powered by 2% coal, versus our at least 60%.

Malcolm Turnbull was also onboard lamenting the LNP's failures in this area - which of course means his as their leader for many years.

We could progress this country so much if we were only able to get our Conservative politicians (and their rusted-on followers) to adopt the excellent points David makes about how saving the planet is absolutely a Conservative view point. This is worth watching to see what a progressive Conservative (!) position on climate can be.

And of course, I have plenty of bad things I could say about both of these individuals, but the point of this post is that UK has moved well past where Australia still us, while also under Conservative leadership.

When our planet is no longer inhabitable, the position of "we need to vote these idiots out" won't matter much. This side is currently voted in, and our planetary clock is ticking.

If we were to get what so many of us want - the sacking of SmoKo, David Elliot and maybe even Gladys for spending so much money on stadiums and cutting firefighting budgets even though she's doing sort of ok now - what happens next?

We get Dutton? Some other NSW emergency services minister from the LNP's right wing to keep them appeased enough to let Gladys stay? And who might replace Gladys herself?

No. These failed excuses for leaders took the jobs and the salaries, so now they can actually DO their jobs, rather than retire off to their parliamentary benefits in peace, while another muppet gets installed and the rest of us see no practical difference.

The LNP were once again selected only last year by a majority of Australians and NSW folks (*) as our collective leaders. The LNP is the political wing of Murdoch and the IPA, so until their classist, nepotistic, holier-than-thou views change (ie. never), or we stop voting for them and their ideology, little will change.

Until Australia wakes up properly, these people have jobs and should do them. I don't believe they should be let off the hook.

(*) not me, but I do place faith in our democracy. I vote for my views but accept I'm in a minority when it comes to actually voting progressively in this country.

My local counsellor, living up to the Hicksville climate-denialist image in this Guardian article:

'Wollondilly shire councillor Simon Landow, a former candidate for Liberal preselection, he replied to say it was not the council’s role.

“The term ‘climate emergancy’ (sic) … is very misleading to my residents of Wollondilly,” Landow wrote.

“I respect your view to have an opinion on the theory that man is causing catastrophic global warming.

“I would like you to respect my view that there is none, and I won’t be deviating from a stance thats is filled with so may (sic) flaws and misconceptions.”'

Where do you see yourself in 12 years? How about your children or grandchildren?

Because that's when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are telling us that climate change becomes too advanced for us to limit.

If the LNP get in again this weekend, they will waste three more of these years doing nothing to help, and plenty to make it worse.

That would leave us only 9 years before whatever images you have in your head of your and your family's future become utterly unrealistic. Permanently.

And what a waste of our collective futures that would be.

After Victoria, our PM can confidently add fear of electoral wipe-out to the list this article presents.

But throwing trans youth under the bus while you're sinking is a whole nother level of hatred. I am contacted with some regularity by people across my networks wanting help for trans and gender diverse youth who have recently come out, and I make the time to find some sort of assistance for them working with organisations like ACON and Rainbow Families, as well as other local contacts.

Their lives are being made measurably worse by the LNP, and specifically their right-wing. Bring on NSW and Federal Parliament switching to Labor next year, who are far from perfect but I predict will improve the lives of vulnerable parts of our community almost immediately.

Hatred and fear don't work anymore. As a population we are more educated, can research multiple sources online, and we just don't buy their negative politics anymore.

(The Saturday Paper is highly recommended, BTW).