After Victoria, our PM can confidently add fear of electoral wipe-out to the list this article presents.

But throwing trans youth under the bus while you're sinking is a whole nother level of hatred. I am contacted with some regularity by people across my networks wanting help for trans and gender diverse youth who have recently come out, and I make the time to find some sort of assistance for them working with organisations like ACON and Rainbow Families, as well as other local contacts.

Their lives are being made measurably worse by the LNP, and specifically their right-wing. Bring on NSW and Federal Parliament switching to Labor next year, who are far from perfect but I predict will improve the lives of vulnerable parts of our community almost immediately.

Hatred and fear don't work anymore. As a population we are more educated, can research multiple sources online, and we just don't buy their negative politics anymore.

(The Saturday Paper is highly recommended, BTW).