If we were to get what so many of us want - the sacking of SmoKo, David Elliot and maybe even Gladys for spending so much money on stadiums and cutting firefighting budgets even though she's doing sort of ok now - what happens next?

We get Dutton? Some other NSW emergency services minister from the LNP's right wing to keep them appeased enough to let Gladys stay? And who might replace Gladys herself?

No. These failed excuses for leaders took the jobs and the salaries, so now they can actually DO their jobs, rather than retire off to their parliamentary benefits in peace, while another muppet gets installed and the rest of us see no practical difference.

The LNP were once again selected only last year by a majority of Australians and NSW folks (*) as our collective leaders. The LNP is the political wing of Murdoch and the IPA, so until their classist, nepotistic, holier-than-thou views change (ie. never), or we stop voting for them and their ideology, little will change.

Until Australia wakes up properly, these people have jobs and should do them. I don't believe they should be let off the hook.

(*) not me, but I do place faith in our democracy. I vote for my views but accept I'm in a minority when it comes to actually voting progressively in this country.