So the decade that was my 30s sure held a few more twists and turns than anyone was expecting. We bought land and designed and project managed the build of our strawbale house, living in a shed while that happened. We challenged a lot of "normal" ways of building, and are now reaping the benefits after learning from others that did similarly before us.
William and Cameron came along to join Phoebe in our family, a combination of personalities unlike any other, that teach me more than I thought possible.
We acquired a lot of animals that had nowhere else to go. Rather than farming them for food, we realised that didn't have to happen at all. Now we tend to our replanted forest, orchard and vegetables.
I took a full-time role with the NSW government that ended up having worse job security than the 11 years of contracting before, and was made redundant. Now I am winding down a couple of years working in the Arts sector.
We now own a (cheap-ish) electric car, even though if you believed the media you'd think they were absolutely useless and utterly unaffordable. Turns out we have saved thousands of dollars and fight over who gets left with the diesel clunker.

I exited that decade last night as a different gender to the one I entered it as, and a member of a few new communities that I hadn't really understood and never imagined I could be a part of. I'm proud of finding a way to hold my family together through all of this, even when the professionals and society were telling us it wouldn't happen.

Oh, and I have boobs now :)

What on earth will my 40s bring?