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As most people don't have one yet, for the record, here's what our home electric car charging setup looks like. Notice anything complicated? Oh yes, it's a standard power point, like everyone already has in their garage.
Sure, this one is a slightly more capable 15A outlet which can charge around 30% faster than the more common 10A ones, but that's OPTIONAL. We use bog standard 10A outlets when visiting friends and family (and even shopping centres!), and it works fine. We carry the black part in the boot and can charge anywhere there is a power point (ever stopped to consider how many more places that is than you can buy petrol?). The white bit at the bottom plugs into the car and that's as complicated as it gets.

Newer cars support higher charge rates which do need bigger outlets, but again that's OPTIONAL. You'll easily refill any car after the average daily drive overnight on a standard 10A outlet.

Don't fall for LNP lies.