Rough facts and figures post.

In 2018:
- We spent $1700 to travel about 15,000 kms in our diesel Santa Fe. This included one long caravan trip and a couple of short ones. Plus about $500 for servicing.
Overall that's 15c/km, and this car is pretty efficient at about 6.5 l/100km when not towing and 11 or so when pulling the caravan.

- We would have spent $1200 to travel about 20,500 kms in our electric Nissan Leaf, but due to our solar panels and various free chargers we use, we only spent $495 importing electricity. Plus about $200 for servicing.
Overall that's 3c/km we paid, or it would have been 7c/km without the solar.

This is all expensive peak 100% GreenPower, so these numbers would be about 15% less if we were powering with equivalently-dirty coal, or 50% less if we were on a time-of-use tariff and charged only overnight.

Both exclude tyres and any extra repairs. Also rego costs the same for both because it's based only on weight. Insurance is similar.

Of course the Santa Fe is bigger, has all-wheel-drive, 7 seats, and can tow a caravan. But in terms of day to day use, we all much prefer the Leaf, even as a family car. And interestingly we've spent less on tyres and country-road repairs on the Leaf than the Santa Fe.