To preface this, we never expected to be doing this in the middle of a pandemic when so many people around us are out of work, unwell, or generally struggling. I'll post about that separately because we are also affected.

However the opportunity to get a second electric car that could travel further than our trusty Nissan LEAF presented itself, which we expected might actually happen around May or June. Imagine my surprise when the call came from Tesla delivery earlier this week saying they had matched my order to a car, and would I like to collect it this weekend?! With so much uncertainty it wasn't a straightforward decision to say yes, but after much soul-searching we decided to do so.

I remember saying to Liz when news of the first Roadster came out back in 2008 that I had just found my mid-life crisis car. Well here I am 12 years later, somewhat closer to mid-life and while it isn't a Roadster it's a far more practical Model 3. Pretty much the safest car on the planet, the absolute most efficient, one of the fastest (even this base model is faster than the WRX I once lusted after), and basically a computer on wheels that we can fill up for free from our home solar system then drive for around 380kms. For longer trips we can top up at the Superchargers appearing around the place while we have a break from the driving.

Unlike every other car manufacturer, there are no dealers (I ordered it online), it was handed over without anyone from Tesla present to maintain social distancing (they linked my phone to it and rang me to talk through opening it and setting it up), and new software is released constantly so the car gets better all the time - like adding auto-steering functionality, extra power and torque from the motor, improved safety features and even the ability to "summon" the car to me in the carpark if I get parked in. The cameras all around it have a "sentry" mode that records any carpark incidents when unattended for later handover to police - like this one.

Of course I woke up this morning and local wildlife had walked on it for an explore, so the real-world is still around us, but there's no denying the vision of Elon Musk and his desire to move the world to sustainable transportation. (and yes, his at times insanity).

(As is now customary, I must share my Tesla referral link. If you are considering buying one, do so via this link and we both get some free Supercharging!).

The kids went hunting for the engine, but there isn't one! Extra storage under the bonnet instead.

Other Teslas were waiting in the service center at Alexandria.

Back at home we are now a two-EV family.