There's a world of electric vehicles that I gather most people don't know a lot about. Take last weekend for example.

I'd been contacted by Mike, a member of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association who was heading from his home in Sydney on a club drive with other Electric Vehicle owners to Bundanoon. He drives a car of his own creation - a Ford Mondeo that he converted to electric himself all the way back in 2010, ripping out the dead fossil-fuel drivetrain and replacing it with something far more impressive:

Yep - a fully electric car Mike built in his garage a couple of years before Nissan even released the LEAF. Sure he's upgraded it a few times since then, but that's more than can be said for what Nissan are prepared to do with the Electric Vehicles they've sold!

He only knew to contact me because I have our house listed as a home charger on Plugshare, a great site and app to find places to charge wherever you may be. The outlet I have available (32A 3-phase) was a good match for his four(!) onboard chargers, and it was great to spend an hour or so while his car filled up from our solar panels on his way South for the day talking about EVs and sustainability over a cup of tea. I've met a few fellow EV enthusiasts this way, always eager to talk tech about cars or just lament about or government not doing nearly enough to save the only planet we have, leaving those of us who care enough to use our skills to do our level best to make a difference.

Mike has written more his car here in this document, amongst some photos of it on his Google Drive. Here's some more that I took on the day: