12yo daughter being picked on today in cooking class, where she doesn't eat the non-vegan food they have to cook:
Boy: "I hate vegans, they all make everyone else vegan"
Daughter: .... (She doesn't do that at all)
Boy: "Vegans are gay"
Daughter: "Well both my mums are!"
Me: Proud :)

Option 1: Tick here if you'd like your children indoctrinated into an organisation that spent $1M advocating against their family structure, has banned weddings and any advocacy for families like theirs, and is actively fighting to retain the rights to eject people like their family from institutions they control.
( https://www.sbs.com.au/…/sydney-anglicans-preparing-ban-sam… and many many other stories )

Second box (not a second "Option"): Tick here for them to waste an hour of their learning time instead each week staring at iPads as part of a group of "others" in a separate part of the school.

What garbage. The best I can make of this is that at least this note has appeared rather than us having to seek out and actively opt out of Option 1.

Fairness In Religions In School are doing good work in this space. ( http://religionsinschool.com/ ). I would have really appreciated a broad non-denominational education into the major world religions.

Today I didn't go to school. Instead, I went to a protest with my friend Lily. We were outside the State Parliament. There was lots of people and it was very loud. But i had Lily and I sat on her shoulders. There were lots of signs that said things like "We Support Kids Voices For Climate Action", and "Our Future Is In Your Hands" and there was two people in a cardboard box painted like a shark.

We were all there because we think it is important to speak up for our generation and for others after us. The politicians are not making good decisions about the future, the future that we have to live in. The climate of our planet is changing, and by the time we are adults the world could be horrible to live in if we keep doing things like burning coal. So that is why we should stick up for what we believe in.

From P (aged 11).