I'd like to have a reasoned discussion about this please. Feel free to contribute any viewpoint.

Our kids aren't even back at school *this* week, because we wanted to have 14 days clear from the last round of easing restrictions to see what the statistics showed first. We were considering sending them back one day a week starting next week.

But that choice has now been taken away from us with the "good news" below from Gladys that schools go back full-time from next week.

There are plenty of comments about this on the article, mostly saying this is too soon, and mostly from protective mothers who are interestingly the ones most stretched with their children currently at home.

But what do you think? Are Liz and I being paranoid here? Should we just go with the flow?

It feels like our children are being used as guinea pigs, but I realise that is an emotional response.

Would love to hear from teacher friends, parents, and non-parents alike. Those directly affected, as well as anyone who isn't that may be banking on the economic flow-ons that are alleged will follow.

Please be nice. It's all we are trying to do as well.