Half a decade or so ago when I started on the crazy ride away from the gender I was assigned at birth, I was desperate to hold my family together, or at the very least least have tried my damnedest and made sure they knew there were others in similar situations. That they weren't alone.

But there are very few families like ours, and even fewer who had written down their stories with anything resembling positive outcomes. We felt very very alone.

Today both Liz and I became part of the solution to this problem, with our stories launched alongside many others in print in a Rainbow Families guide for Trans and Gender Diverse Parents that we would have loved to have found ourselves all those years ago.

We hope that this resource helps anyone questioning their gender in a family situation, and anyone who's loved one is struggling with their own identity.

Thanks Liz not just for having the guts to stay with me, but for going the extra mile and being brave enough to talk about your experience for the benefit of others 💜🌈👭

Where do you see yourself in 12 years? How about your children or grandchildren?

Because that's when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are telling us that climate change becomes too advanced for us to limit.

If the LNP get in again this weekend, they will waste three more of these years doing nothing to help, and plenty to make it worse.

That would leave us only 9 years before whatever images you have in your head of your and your family's future become utterly unrealistic. Permanently.

And what a waste of our collective futures that would be.

More absolute bs from the Hume incumbent.


As most people don't have one yet, for the record, here's what our home electric car charging setup looks like. Notice anything complicated? Oh yes, it's a standard power point, like everyone already has in their garage.
Sure, this one is a slightly more capable 15A outlet which can charge around 30% faster than the more common 10A ones, but that's OPTIONAL. We use bog standard 10A outlets when visiting friends and family (and even shopping centres!), and it works fine. We carry the black part in the boot and can charge anywhere there is a power point (ever stopped to consider how many more places that is than you can buy petrol?). The white bit at the bottom plugs into the car and that's as complicated as it gets.

Newer cars support higher charge rates which do need bigger outlets, but again that's OPTIONAL. You'll easily refill any car after the average daily drive overnight on a standard 10A outlet.

Don't fall for LNP lies.

Pros and cons of today:

Root canal ❌👎🤕🦷💉

Another 8kW of solar panels added to the house ✔️🌞🔌

I find the unwritten rules around this frustratingly hard to grasp given I wasn't raised to understand them. Thanks to those women who have watched me get it wrong and guided rather than laughed.

And gents - the world would be a better place if you were in on this too, rather than having to constantly try to out-do each other. I tried and failed at that, and it didn't help my mental health at all.

It's impossible to be the best at everything. Just be the best you can be (factoring in issues you can't control), and help others to do the same.

As per the drop you might hear today on Kinderling Kids Radio, this International Women's Day I'd like to pay tribute to my wife Liz Gould, because she stuck by me during my transition.
And that's just one reason that she's an amazing, strong, inspiring woman that I am completely privileged to share my life with 💓