I find the unwritten rules around this frustratingly hard to grasp given I wasn't raised to understand them. Thanks to those women who have watched me get it wrong and guided rather than laughed.

And gents - the world would be a better place if you were in on this too, rather than having to constantly try to out-do each other. I tried and failed at that, and it didn't help my mental health at all.

It's impossible to be the best at everything. Just be the best you can be (factoring in issues you can't control), and help others to do the same.

As per the drop you might hear today on Kinderling Kids Radio, this International Women's Day I'd like to pay tribute to my wife Liz Gould, because she stuck by me during my transition.
And that's just one reason that she's an amazing, strong, inspiring woman that I am completely privileged to share my life with 💓

Well timed for Mardi Gras, here's the interview I did with Feed Play Love (aka Kinderling Kids Radio Conversations) talking about living in the country, parenting, transition, family, community and Rainbow Families, if you feel like listening would be a constructive use of 31 minutes of your life.

It was all first-take with no notes or preparation, and my first time being interviewed so I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out, even if there's quite a lot of nervous rambling going on!

Thanks to Shevonne Hunt Presenter and Cinnamon Nippard for making me comfortable enough to do this.

You can listen on the page, or there's links in the comments below for your podcast client, or just search for "Feed Play Love".

Apparently people want to hear me interviewed about being trans and a parent - who knew?!

I'll post the podcast link in the next couple of weeks once I've vetted it :)

I've certainly got a face made for radio.

Option 1: Tick here if you'd like your children indoctrinated into an organisation that spent $1M advocating against their family structure, has banned weddings and any advocacy for families like theirs, and is actively fighting to retain the rights to eject people like their family from institutions they control.
( https://www.sbs.com.au/…/sydney-anglicans-preparing-ban-sam… and many many other stories )

Second box (not a second "Option"): Tick here for them to waste an hour of their learning time instead each week staring at iPads as part of a group of "others" in a separate part of the school.

What garbage. The best I can make of this is that at least this note has appeared rather than us having to seek out and actively opt out of Option 1.

Fairness In Religions In School are doing good work in this space. ( http://religionsinschool.com/ ). I would have really appreciated a broad non-denominational education into the major world religions.

Rough facts and figures post.

In 2018:
- We spent $1700 to travel about 15,000 kms in our diesel Santa Fe. This included one long caravan trip and a couple of short ones. Plus about $500 for servicing.
Overall that's 15c/km, and this car is pretty efficient at about 6.5 l/100km when not towing and 11 or so when pulling the caravan.

- We would have spent $1200 to travel about 20,500 kms in our electric Nissan Leaf, but due to our solar panels and various free chargers we use, we only spent $495 importing electricity. Plus about $200 for servicing.
Overall that's 3c/km we paid, or it would have been 7c/km without the solar.

This is all expensive peak 100% GreenPower, so these numbers would be about 15% less if we were powering with equivalently-dirty coal, or 50% less if we were on a time-of-use tariff and charged only overnight.

Both exclude tyres and any extra repairs. Also rego costs the same for both because it's based only on weight. Insurance is similar.

Of course the Santa Fe is bigger, has all-wheel-drive, 7 seats, and can tow a caravan. But in terms of day to day use, we all much prefer the Leaf, even as a family car. And interestingly we've spent less on tyres and country-road repairs on the Leaf than the Santa Fe.