Nerve-racking, but important. The session went really well I thought, but I'm glad to have this behind me!

Brain Workout.

1) ABC Jazz on the radio
2) Choose a weapon
3) Improvise
4) All of those keys do slightly different things on each instrument - try to remember what!
5) Try to lift my playing of my worst of the four closer to that of my best.

Today I didn't go to school. Instead, I went to a protest with my friend Lily. We were outside the State Parliament. There was lots of people and it was very loud. But i had Lily and I sat on her shoulders. There were lots of signs that said things like "We Support Kids Voices For Climate Action", and "Our Future Is In Your Hands" and there was two people in a cardboard box painted like a shark.

We were all there because we think it is important to speak up for our generation and for others after us. The politicians are not making good decisions about the future, the future that we have to live in. The climate of our planet is changing, and by the time we are adults the world could be horrible to live in if we keep doing things like burning coal. So that is why we should stick up for what we believe in.

From P (aged 11).

After Victoria, our PM can confidently add fear of electoral wipe-out to the list this article presents.

But throwing trans youth under the bus while you're sinking is a whole nother level of hatred. I am contacted with some regularity by people across my networks wanting help for trans and gender diverse youth who have recently come out, and I make the time to find some sort of assistance for them working with organisations like ACON and Rainbow Families, as well as other local contacts.

Their lives are being made measurably worse by the LNP, and specifically their right-wing. Bring on NSW and Federal Parliament switching to Labor next year, who are far from perfect but I predict will improve the lives of vulnerable parts of our community almost immediately.

Hatred and fear don't work anymore. As a population we are more educated, can research multiple sources online, and we just don't buy their negative politics anymore.

(The Saturday Paper is highly recommended, BTW).

Having buttons on my shirts on the other side now bothers me more than is reasonable.

Wtf is that all about anyway?


(Originally published on LinkedIn, 26/9/2016)

Thanks to you, dear reader. Thanks for still being here, commenting, liking, messaging, getting in touch with words of encouragement and positivity, sharing your own stories of life's unexpected challenges, coffees, lunches, and even just still being here.

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